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My Story

Welcome to my website, named 'Two Dogs Art Studio' by my partner which seemed appropriate given my two gorgeous dogs Bruin and Misia who are always by my side and even sleep through my loud music whilst I work! In all honesty, I find their silent companionship heart warming and having them near to me (especially listening to their beautiful snores) very soothing.

As I child I would always spend my spare time drawing, mostly dogs, possibly as we used to have so many. It was a passion, always at school it was the subject I had a flare for. This led me to a more creative path rather than an academic route after school. I am originally from the UK so instead of University I went to a theatre school in London specialising in stage design. I loved it! Learning so many new practical skills, building sets as well as designing and painting them. Plus of course, most of my work was on a grand scale. Opening nights were always so exciting.

After graduating I worked for about five years as a freelance stage designer. Eventually I got the urge to travel which led to me moving to New Zealand about 20 years ago. I found regular work and a regular income quite inviting and creative work seemed a distant memory. However, since moving to the beautiful Hawkes Bay and working my day job from home (for which I am extremely grateful) I have the luxury of extra time to explore more creative avenues. 

As a passionate advocate of animal welfare, these are often the feature of my work. My desire is for every animal to be seen as an individual, no matter what their species.

My painting methods are self taught, I work mostly in acrylic but have also dabbled in oils and pastels. Personally, I am excited to see where this leads and fully develop my style. My work tends to be quite textural, you can see brush stroked or strips of paints from using a knife. 


I am happy to do commissions (especially animals of course!) so do get in touch via any of the methods on my contact page if you would like to be part to this new venture and give me a challenge.

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